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Marc Speaks, A Dreamer’s Heart is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization founded in memory of our son Demarcus Woods. Unfortunately, Demarcus was involved in a fatal car accident in 2019, but his loving and philanthropic spirit still resides today. In our quest to find purpose from the pain we were feeling as a family, we decided to turn the tragedy into a living legacy. One way we do this is by honoring his memory through our support of those individuals seeking to live out loud and pursue their dreams and purpose. Through scholarships and mentoring programs, we endeavor to encourage and support as many dreamers as we can.

We initially began our scholarships through family funding, but now hope to expand our efforts to receive donations from individuals, businesses and corporations to support those dreamers in need of assistance.   We currently partner with Clayton State University and local metro Atlanta high schools and have given scholarships since 2020 to students in both organizations.

We are just getting started!!!! We are excited about moving forward to continue Demarcus’s legacy of supporting hopes and dreams by helping as many people as possible. Won’t you join us?

Please take a moment to look over our website and send us any questions you may have or to learn about ways you can support our efforts. You may even want to apply for yourself…it’s never too late to dream.

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